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custserv2Benefit Technology Group, Inc. is a full-service benefits brokerage, consulting, and administration firm.

It is our goal to be a presence among your staff, and an advocate for your Human Resources area.  We will hold periodic on-site meetings, and explain how working for you and your employees puts us in a position to be of great value.

As a Brokerage and Consulting firm specializing in all aspects of  employee benefits, Benefit Technology Group, Inc. (Benetek) recognizes that there are plenty of players on the field.  We have put the pieces in place to be the most effective benefits partner your firm has ever had.

Your employees need to be productive, and so do you.

 Instead of wasting hours during the business day contacting the carriers directly, they will be encouraged to call us for any line of coverage.  We will answer any question, assist in compliance, fix issues and problems, and provide feedback to management on where the current benefits are strongest and areas in which employees have expressed concern.  This will allow you to attract and maintain top employees, save money on the costs of the plans, and dramatically reduce your in-house plan administration costs.

Choice, savings and exceptional service.

 If your company has 2 to 2000 employees, you and your Human Resources department will find true value in working with Benefit Technology Group, Inc. in setting up and administering your group welfare plans, all while realizing real savings.

 When you decide to use our firm, we will hold personalized on-site meetings. If any plan changes occur, we will explain those changes to your employees in a clear concise manner.  We will make our resources available not only to employees, but their spouses and dependents also covered by your plan.  Upon enrollment, all employees will be fully informed of any differences in the plans, choices, and costs. They will also receive customized benefit summaries, necessary forms and local provider directories.

 Change Your Broker Now !!!

Your agent is getting a commission every month from the insurance company to service your account! Are they really giving you the service you deserve?If not, then an “Agent of Record Letter” will replace that agent with a new one. No charges whatsoever will be incurred by you. You can change agents at anytime and for any reason. If an agent does not follow through with their promise of providing better services, simply sign a new Agent of Record letter to someone who will.Please ask us for a copy of the Benefit Technology Group, Inc. (Broker of Record) change form.  We will be happy to send you a copy.There are no set up fees or enrollments required. From that point you will have the most effective benefits firm working for you at no additional cost.
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