Why choose us?

custserv2Since 1997, the Benefit Technology Group, Inc. has combined industry leading expertise and unique intellectual capital with a focus on enhancing the efficiency of our clients’ organizations.

A Personal Passion

Management at Benefit Technology Group, Inc., has compiled decades of industry experience with benefit best practices, industry trends and creating strategies to serve our unique clients.

Unlike other providers in this area, this is all we do. This is not a smaller piece of a larger corporate business. We serve our clients with a dedicated intimacy and a focus on each individual organization.

Built of a culture of integrity everyone who is part of the Benefit Technology Group, Inc. is held to a high standard of customer service excellence, delivering against promises and constantly seeking ways to add value to our clients.

Being an independent management owned enterprise we’re not burdened by costly high capital overhead. This enables us to move quickly, innovate and remain focused on the client so efficiencies are passed back, through best in class pricing.

Consulting and Education

Benefit Technology Group, Inc. has unique consulting capabilities and expertise in-house, enabling us to engage with our clients not only around the creation of a benefits solution, but at a fundamental financial management level.

Creating the benefits package is only part of the solution. After an independent review of providers is undertaken to determine (or reaffirm) that the right partner is selected based on desired outcomes – at Benefit Technology Group, Inc. we believe the education of faculty members, administrators and staff members is critical so that the financial plans and positive outcomes of the individual, are maximized.

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Unique Client Management Platform

Using consulting best practices, the Benefit Technology Group, Inc. engages clients through the ‘discover, design and deliver’ approach recognizing that each client has unique needs thereby requiring a tailored benefits solution.

We believe this attention to detail and continuous search for cost efficiencies on behalf of our client represents a unique approach in the industry.

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