Executive Benefits

4428944642697What would happen to your business if you should become disabled or die?

Would your partner(s) or business associates have the funds available to buy the business from your survivors? Or worse yet, would your survivors need to sell the business that you worked so hard to create at a mere percentage of its actual worth?

What would the tax implications be?  Would there be disruption in cash flow to your family?

As the owner or owners of a business, you have worked hard to build your organization.  You have put the people and pieces in place to assure continued success. 

Now you need to protect the plans that you have developed.  You need to make sure that your key executives stay with you and you also need to maximize your return on investment as well.

Also, you must protect your family and the families of your key employees.

Proper attention to Executive Benefits and the associated planning opportunities can assure smooth transitions for retirement, transition, and emergency contingencies.

Please call Benetek for guidance in the area of Executive Benefits planning.


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