Group Medical Insurance

xrayGroup health insurance is the bedrock of a valuable employee benefits program.

Often the most expensive component, it is becoming more common for organizations to periodically change their insurance carriers.

 In response to this trend, the carriers are designing plans that shift more of the cost to the participants (cost-shifting plans). This strategy increases the need for multi-option plans that offer higher benefits, usually to those in management, and lower benefits for the general employees or those that choose the insurance as catastrophic coverage or for those that cannot afford higher coverage. In addition to the increasing demand for cost-shifting plans, many organizations are now passing more of the expense of the premium to their employees.

Hence, the need for the group to implement ‘cafeteria plans’, ‘section 125′s, etc. are becoming more popular as these IRS filings offer tax advantages to the group and to the member or employee. Due to the complexity of products and the infinite combinations of plan designs, creating a program appropriate to the organizations needs at a good value requires a certain level of expertise and more importantly a human approach.

We at Benefit Technology Group, Inc. try to fulfill the needs of the client first, thus we recommend the plans that offer the greatest value to its members and the sponsoring organization.

If your organization is looking for a new plan to replace its current one, or would like to have our agency service your existing account, our experienced staff will provide the support and tools needed to effectively manage these increasingly complex plans.

 Choosing the Right Plan

There are many types of health insurance products such as HMO’s, EPO’s, Point-of-Service plans, PPO’s, and traditional indemnity plans. Understanding the complex nature of these plans and how the coverage’s affect the group requires a certain level of expertise. In addition, adapting the plans to the needs of the members requires a human approach, one that is derived from years of experience based on the feedback obtained from other clients.

We never sell our products solely based on price unless cost is paramount to the group. We examine all aspects of the group needs, such as the network of providers, the coverage’s offered, the reputation of the carrier, and the value to the group. Our dedicated trained representatives take great pride in their product knowledge and their ability to customize a package appropriate to the organization.

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