Overview – Small Employers

Happy EmployeesAt the New York State of Health Small Business Marketplace You can compare multiple plans and carriers online, enrollment is streamlined and convenient for you. Billing is consolidated so you pay only one monthly bill.

How to get started

It’s Simple – To participate, you must have 50 or fewer employees, have a primary business location in New York State, and offer coverage to all eligible employees.

It’s Easy – To provide health and dental insurance coverage for your employees. There is no minimum employee participation requirement and no minimum employer contribution required.

What we offer

Choice and Value: As a small business owner you can make available multiple health and dental plans at a variety of price points to meet your employee’s needs, and select an effective date of coverage that works best for your business.

Tax Benefits: Participation in the Marketplace provides access to the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit for qualified employers that can cover as much as 50% of the your contribution toward employee premium costs.

Defined Contribution: The Small Business Marketplace gives business owners the flexibility to define the coverage tier and the contribution level. You can choose a contribution level that works for you, and your employees can choose a plan that works for them.

Administrative Simplicity for Employers: One account, online enrollment and one monthly bill mean relief for you and your small business from the burdensome administrative aspects of providing health insurance coverage.

Assistance: You can receive information and enrollment assistance from the professionals at Benefit Technology Group, Inc.

Tax Benefits Some businesses with 25 or fewer employees may qualify for a federal tax credit of as much as 50% of your employer contribution. See if you qualify

What you will need

Gather Information To complete your application we will need your business information including your employer identification number (EIN), as well as employee details including DOB, SSN, and email addresses.

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