Lets Get Started – Small Employers

nysoh-logo-mainIts important to note that coverage options are available to Small Employer Groups both on the NYS Marketplace (Exchange) and off. As this new marketplace develops, we are noticing that the exchange offers some advantages to our clients:

  • If you qualify for tax credits, they are only available to you via exchange-based programs.
  • One-stop shopping for available products within your region.
  • The Marketplace will also see if your employees qualify for free or low-cost coverage from Medicaid or Child Health Plus.
  • Easy application procedures for your employees and their families.


To get started is very easy and will only take a few minutes (really, we mean it!!!):

Apply for a NYS Gov Id

  1. Log onto the website www.NYStateofhealth.org
  2. Navigate to the “Employer” tab and choose it.
  3. In the “Get Started” Section to the right, choose “Register as employer”
  4. Fill in user name and information.  They must confirm your identity.
  5. Type in the codes you see to prove you are human.
  6. Click “create account”
  7. You will be sent an email from ny.govid@its.ny.gov.  Look in your spam as well.  Click on the link to activate, and you will be asked to provide three security questions.
  8. Follow the instructions until you are finally given the opportunity to create an account password.


You are ready to start using your account

  1. Log onto the website www.NYStateofhealth.org again.
  2. Navigate to the “Employer” tab and choose it.
  3. In the “Get Started” Section to the right, choose “Login as an Employer”.  Use your newly created user name and password.
  4. There may or may not be additional questions to verify your identity.
  5. Now for a little silliness.  You will need to generate a token to sign onto the site.  You will receive an email from no-reply@nyexchange.org (check your spam as well).  Copy and paste the code into the space on the site and hit continue.
  6. Once past this point, you will be brought to the “Company Information” page where you will answer questions about your business.
  7. At first, you will be asked if you want to work with a broker.  Naturally you will answer yes and choose Benefit Technology Group, Inc. from the choices in the drop down section.  We have found that this link is not always operational.  If not, don’t worry.  Continue on, we have a walk around for this later.
  8. Complete all of the information regarding your business and its employees.
  9. Once past this point, you are just about done.  You will see that you have access to your dashboard.  Go there and look in the lower left for the link to “Manage Broker or Navigator”  Click it and try again to name us as the broker of record.
  10. Now you can sign off.  BTG will be sent an email notifying us of your account registration and we will be able to evaluate the products that are available to you through our broker portal.  You may also send us a short note to let us know that you have completed the process   Contact Us


We will help guide you through the various products and alternatives and explain things in simple language.

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