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WellnessDespite the contribution of many good workplace wellness programs to the health care of the American public, there are still some companies that fall between the cracks. These are the groups of employees that do not have health insurance or employee assistance plans.

Many smaller companies do not have the financial resources to back employee benefit packages; the employees cannot afford to pay outright for their own medical services, nor can they spare the funds for their own private health insurance.

Although it may seem at first glance that finding health and wellness programs for these groups is futile, there is a fiscal rationale for such a venture.

Finding Workplace Wellness Programs outside of the Employee Assistance Plan

While it may seem as though employee health benefits are a direct drain on profits, this is not precisely the case. The downside of deciding to avoid the expense of health care is that the productivity of the company is at risk. Losing employees to disability, illness or other competing companies that offer health care benefits means higher rates of employee turnover. Some projects may have to come to a stand still until a replacement can be found to finish the job. While these companies may not be paying for exorbitant health care costs, they are losing production time hiring and training, as well as suffering from an increase in absenteeism and pre-absenteeism which unhealthy individuals impose upon their employers. These factors alone may be enough of an incentive for an employer to consider finding health and wellness programs.


In addition, extending health promotion incentives affords the same opportunities for wellness to employees without health care coverage as it does to employees with benefits. Advantages for employers are that workplace wellness programs improve company morale and establish the company in a favorable light in the community.

This positive publicity often generates more customers and clients. As well, finding health and wellness programs at a low-cost within the community can create new business networking ties and links with organizations that will help promote the well-being of employees free of charge.

Finding Programs at little or no cost

Many companies gear activity toward improving the overall health and wellness of Americans. In support of this goal, they provide free workplace wellness program resources. Some independent wellness vendors work to serve the employers and their staff with a wide range of materials that educate, support and encourage the development of healthier standards of living, free of cost. This raises community awareness of the need for finding health and wellness programs that smaller companies can afford.

These kinds of initiatives serve to encourage employee participation in workplace wellness programs and may engage the family members in the same effort as an incidental outcome. Hospitals, non-profit recreational groups and other health care institutions are keen to develop partnerships and assist with finding health and wellness programs in the nation that can be of benefit to everyone.

Health risk appraisals can be organized with free clinics or public health departments and administered directly at the worksite. Allowing the employees to direct and organize these efforts ensures a much greater interest in finding health and wellness programs that work to address the unique needs of smaller companies and to keep the costs to a minimum.

QuitNow is a non-profit, self-help program sponsored by Personal Improvement Computer Systems that could be offered as a group wellness venture for smaller companies who are finding health and wellness programs too expensive for their budget.

Writer Bio: John Bates is a leading wellness industry consultant and prolific writer about all aspects of health and wellness programs. His work can be found on numerous wellness websites including his own: Infinite Wellness Solution’s and Infinite Health Coach.

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